Area 51 & 52 the Surface Cover up and there Stargate Travel work

Area 51 & Underground Area 52

Area 51 as long been associated with UFO’s and Alien activity or as I prefer to call them otherwordly beings/entities. This restricted area is US Air Force base at Groom Lake which is located 85 miles (135 kilometers) from Las Vegas was a salvage yard for crashed UFO’s where they could do reverse engineering and try and figure out how they work and apply this to there own specifications and use it in there own crafts and weaponry. This is all in the past now as there are very few crash landing sites of UFO’s now but through reverse engineering and working with the chemistry and physics of these crafts they have come to the understanding that most of the flight paths taken by these craft are done via interstellar travel or leaps between various wormholes and portals where time and matter bend therefore creating a tunnel between different worlds, dimensions and solar systems, it also lends an explanation to why when humans have a near death experience that almost everyone them experience going towards the light or through a tunnel because you actually are going through a wormhole and returning back home to your part of the universe, constellation or world, death actually triggers an opening between this physical world and heaven.
When people see a UFO in the sky that’s actually a portal or doorway being activated or opened at various locations on earth through the space time continuum but to travel back from earth to there own star system they need to create a portal or axis point which are located at various ancient sites which connect flight paths aligned to various constellations which are electro-magnetically charged along the energy grid or via the connected leylines, this is where the portals are connected along this grid are opened through a high velocity or speed.
Now area 52 is a secret underground location where they have used archaeologists, anthropologists, physicians, scientists, astrophysicists, astrologists, astronomers and every possible resource to try and re-create an ancient flight path like those which I have mentioned above using various minerals, rocks, crystals, laser and more to try and condense it into a stargate which would be accessible for military and government personnel in the hope of interstellar travel which can be used like a weapon to try and conquer other star systems and galaxies for there own personnel gain of precious metals, minerals and tools.
There are also Interstellar Jumpers which jump between dimensions, planes and worlds also known as time travel this is done through the fifth dimension and people astral projecting themselves back and forth between the past and future this is how the wealthy, many multi millionaires, billionaires maintain there power and money, they use highly developed spiritual people to do this for them so they can attain locations, riches, treasures and much more but the universal guardians look after the many wormholes, portals and entry and exit points that are located throughout the infinite dimensions, galaxies, stars, and planets.
I hope you enjoyed reading this blog entry and remember to open your eyes, open your minds and explore the depths of your inner and higher consciousness to seek out the truth and answers for yourself.
In much love, universal light and star blessings x