A Spiritual/Universal explanation to why women experience Miscarriage, stillbirths and loss of Children

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Miscarriages, Stillbirths and the loss of Children

This is a very sensitive subject and I will try to approach it and explain my findings as a Medium as to why we lose a child whether they touch the earth or not and if you have experienced the loss of a child then please except my deepest sympathies and condolences on what is an horrific ordeal for any mother or father to go through and remember there are charities and organisations out there who can try and help you through such a difficult time.
Through my twenty seven years of being blessed and able to communicate and relay messages from the spirit world to the physical world I have been privy to various insights of how it works and why certain things happen the way they do, but it’s only recently and within the past twelve months that through relaying messages to my sitters that have lost children I have come to an understanding of why this happens and  it’s nothing to do with anything that the mother may or may not have done because if you are chosen to bear a child and experience the miracle of pregnancy and carrying another little energy or life form within your body then you will understand that the bond is created and there from the beginning, but unfortunately you may have been chosen to do this for another being, energy, plane, world, or dimension.
What do I mean by this well earth is the only place where children can be conceived or created, earth is a peopling planet and its the only place where life forms can be created in all contexts. Unfortunately this doesn’t help you in your loss and how to come to terms with it because as human beings we are all emotionally, mentally and spiritually connected through love and we automatically create bonds with people whether we want to or not, you as a human being have had many incarnations in many different lives and a lot of the people in our lives now have been in our lives before just as someone else.
We are all connected to different parts of the universe and where our life force or soul if you prefer comes from. What I mean by this, well we all have our own tribes which we belong to and different tribes come from different constellations and planets which become allocated to certain geographical locations throughout the earth. This is why we are all fascinated with the universe, space, planets, stars and the astrology associated with it because that is our home.
But rest assured if you have experienced the loss of a child and even a loved one they just return to there true form which is energy or the infinite body and return home to there tribe where the life force of that child or loved one remains and another part of that soul is either reincarnated back on to the earth or another celestial body to live out another lifetime.
I hope that’s helped with a certain amount of understanding as to why this happens.
In much love, universal light and star blessings x