My visit with Patrick Swayze and his Spiritual Home


Whist in my sleep/subconscious state last night I had the pleasure and the privilege to be invited along to his spiritual abode whilst he was making preparations for the arrival of his dear friend.  

Good morning all I know some of you won’t believe me but I don’t really care if you do, or don’t, and don’t mean that in a arrogant way at all, but I just had to share my dream/higher self travels with you what I’ve just awoke from this morning.
I feel so privileged and I’m on a massive high. I was actually chilling/hanging out with the Patrick Swayze last night and what an awesome guy he is. He was talking with me about his transition and how he’s finding things on the other side, he showed me his home and told me that he’s getting everything prepared ready for the arrival of a dear friend, I know who it is, but I wouldn’t say who even if I could, so he’s doing a few repairs and making his place just right., because he’s so excited for his arrival! I was helping him out doing some repairs on the kitchen area which looked like a steakhouse, whilst the rest of his home was like a travelling galleon mansion with all his family, friends, children and loved ones. It was hectic in there to say the least. But as I looked out the windows it was like I was looking out at a sea of clouds with the most amazingly beautiful sunset, we walked outside and sat on a bench and was looking at what I can only describe as a cross between the moon and the sun but as just one celestial object the colour was like a pastel orange, and as we sat there he was saying how wonderful it is where he is, no pain, no worries just pure contentment and happiness, he said I can dance again which was always my first love and when he danced it was closest he got to the way he feels now. I have never met such a wonderfully compassionate genuine guy like him I felt truly privileged to have sat and chatted with him, a true family man through and through who always checks in on his wife and kids, but is quite content with where they are in life now.
I hope you enjoyed me sharing my experience with you.

In love & blessings x

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