The Star Wars Project, Atlantis and the Atlanteans

  • mercury and aquarius constellation
  • Atlantis#
  • Interstellar communication
  • Geomagnetic/Geometric Storms
  • Crop circles/sacred geometric pattern
  • Submersible

Atlantis is set to rise again as an underwater earthquake brings it to the surface and reveals its hidden secrets to true atlantean people and how they created a perfect alloy skeleton craft incorporated into the land which through the use of sacred geometric patterns and the mapping of portals and wormholes many of the atlantean people, scholars, sages and high priests avoided impending disaster by being able leave the planet minutes before it’s civilization became a memory/myth of the past

The whole human race can be traced back to the universe and every person past, present and future is a different part of the universe having a physical experience in a physical body on this physical earth. The soul, Incarnate self, universal energy, or life force is the eternal self that all stem from there own corner or constellation within the universe and can experience life in an infinite different forms or expressions within the multiverse or infiniteverse, there are as many of these dimensions and planes as there are grains of sand. The Atlanteans are from the constellation of Aquarius where the planet Mercury resides, just like the Egyptians are from the constellation of Orion, The Hawaiians, Polynesians, Aborigines  are from the Pleiades in the constellation of Taurus.
All earthly beings including our ancestors stem from our relatives who are alien and exist in there quadrant within the confines of star system