Universal Consciousness and Eternal Oneness

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The Universal or Primordial Consciousness, We are all One, and One with all

We are all here to help you with understanding not just individually but also as a collective, we are all eternal beings of energy and connected to not just one another but to all that is. We are just visiting earth and have done on many other countless occasions, using it as a learning and educative institute to help us evolve into more understanding beings therefore able to have a more fulfilling existence for ourselves and as a whole. But we should also acknowledge here that the earth is just one of the many worlds and existences, that we experience in this multi-dimensional, infinitive & universal existence. It’s important we learn our life lessons that we were sent here to learn, and try to avoid getting caught up to much in the physical and materialistic life, don’t get me wrong you are hear to live, love and enjoy all that we can in this physical existence but otherwise if we don’t learn from our experiences and encounters with others and other life forms, we will just keep returning again and again until we realize our purpose and resolve our karmic lessons. I am happy to come to your venue or church and demonstrate physical mediumship and bring forward any channeled messages from Akasha, other dimensions and the universe about life, death, our purpose and the hereafter as well as answer your questions whilst in trance then please get in touch all my details are available on my Contact page.

Some interesting facts.


This image gives a representation of how we are all Universally Connected and how given the right dynamics and guidance we can all tap into not just our own innate abilities and others, but also our inner,outer, lower and upper therefore demonstrating our true potential for healing, transcending all possibilities.


What you are looking at here is a prime example of an ancient representation/documentation of time travel, with visits to other worlds, realms of existence, and universes with the encounters of otherworldly beings/entities or spirits which guard and protect the many entrances and exits in and out of these worlds.


This image clearly shows the Guardians of the Light Connected around what looks like a ball of energy through which they watch and control access and travel to other planes/realms/worlds from earth. This has been dated 3500 yrs older than England Stonehenge and 3000 yrs older than the pyramids


Machu Picchu was a citadel set high in the Andes Mountains in Peru, above the Urubamba River valley. Built in the 15th century and later abandoned, this was a civilization used by priests and scholars as a platform for communication, rituals and as a medium or point of landing for otherworldly beings/spirits and entities


These can be found all over the world and there are many theories of what they are, through my channelings I was told they are ancient maps used for educating purposes of where portals, gateways, worm-holes, vortexes and planets are which enabled time/space and astral travel.

universalspirit02When I say Universal Light Beings you immediately think about an otherworldly external energy being, guardians of the light or ascended masters, well although true they do exist among an infinitive amount of entities and spiritual beings A ULB IS YOU in true form not the borrowed physical one! It’s also worth pointing out here that our higher self, our soul, our incarnate self etc, are just names that are used in various cultures and religions it does not matter what were called or where the term derives from it’s our reality, life force, source or the omnipresence of God within.
Our thoughts, actions, both as a collective and individually this can also be done both purposely or by accident.
Whilst in our physical bodies we forget our capability and just how much power we had or have this either becomes more prevalent within us or gets further away and evades us, this because depending on how we choose to live our life affects what kind of life we want or have as some of us Universal Light Beings will fall for the guise and lure of the earthly ambrosia created by governments, officials and the media including fame, money, cars houses expensive toys and one of the most common ones virtual realities. These come in many forms including throughuniversalcommunity01 the use of drugs hallucinogenics and alcohol to TV, computers, and games consoles which all create and artificial or virtual reality that we become addicted too and want more and better versions of as the earth evolves so do the tricks and lures that are put in place to make you forget and to distract us from who we really are, what were capable of and why we are here. The lessons we are supposed to learn whilst on this planet of education are put in place to try and help us evolve into better beings so we can synchronize, harmonize and become one with all in existence in order to create better race of ULB’s which can heal, repair, save, and inspire unification of all entities, beings, races and life forms not just in what we perceive as our universe but across all universes, planes, realms, galaxies, existences and universes.
You may well hear the term be careful what you wish for, this never more truer or prevalent than it is in modern times, because wishing is a form of manifesting just like the use of spells and cosmic ordering it all depends on our intention. If our intention to manifest or create something is done whole heatedly then it will be granted, but depending on what it is will depend on how long it takes to manifest. Prayer and meditation is the most powerful way to manifest because then it’s not just our intention that were manifesting but we are connecting with our higher selves, or the universal divine and all that it encompasses including beings, entities, guardians and more

contacts02Guardians of the light are Spirit/Energy Beings that guard over the space time continuum, time travel and access to the universal records they are the book keepers of the universal records. They are pure energy beings that can take many forms and representations to fit in with the seekers preferred representation which will make them feel content and at ease, they communicate messages telepathically with each-other and have the ability to manipulate any environment they encounter so to fit in with the surroundings and any forms that exist within it, or what people may perceive. They work like a muse when communicating with us in our human form to create inspiration, creativity and ideas, they are the inventors of the universe, and as I look at them a group of nine step forward all holding hands around what looks like a ball of energy where they monitor a whole host of activities including universal interactions from all life forms and forces.

Sacred Geometry 
Sacred Geometry is the very fabric of the physical universe and which creates the openings and doorways that connect Physical Matter with Spirit/Spiritual Matter therefore providing a gateway through whichcommunity03 to travel and pass through as you undertake journeys in your spirit body or energy form, there are infinite worlds and planes of existence all of which are accessible in our true form or spirit body. Sacred geometry involves sacred universal patterns used in the design of everything in our reality, most often seen in sacred architecture and sacred art. The basic belief is that geometry and mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportion are also found in music, light, cosmology. This value system is seen as widespread even in prehistory, a cultural universal of the human condition.It is considered foundational to building sacred structures such as temples, mosques, megaliths, monuments and churches; sacred spaces such as altars, temenoi and tabernacles; meeting places such as sacred groves, village greens and holy wells and the creation of religious art, iconography and using “divine” proportions. Alternatively, sacred geometry based arts may be ephemeral, such as visualization, sand painting and medicine wheels.
Sacred geometry may be understood as a worldview of pattern recognition, a complex system of religious symbols and structures involving space, time and form. According to this view the basic patterns of existence are perceived as sacred. By connecting with these, a believer contemplates the Great Mysteries, and the Great Design. By studying the nature of these patterns, forms and relationships and their connections, insight may be gained into the mysteries – the laws and lore of the Universe.

universalspirit03We all have the ability and the power to reconnect with our source/true self/infinite being but through conditioning of the government and there institutes like schools/university/college and putting value on our material wealth and success we have disconnected from our source all that makes us good and true. We have been made to believe that this is whats important and through religion and other means we are made to hate what we are and to think that we are unclean and not worthy of eternal life and that we have to follow a doctrine in order to shed our sins, when the truth of the matter is that we are all eternal life because its our natural state of being.

It is not something you can win or achieve through a means, a quest or dedicating yourself to a religion, order or spiritual path like we are made to believe. You are already an infinite being and through music, vibrations, meditation and certain frequencies we can and will realise who we are and just how powerful (not helpless like we are made to believe) we really are. We are here to help you to connect with your higher and true self as a Universal light Being, by helping you to remember what and who you really are and where you come from, as well as to assist to connect you with the universe and all that exists within it, by providing ideas, resources and techniques. The first step is to believe in yourself, your abilities and what you really are because nothing can transpire out of this unless you believe in it yourself. With doubt it keeps you out, but with faith it keeps you in. Realise that you matter! What you do affects all a thought can be a blessing but it can also be a hindrance, your life is yours to live and do with it as thou will, but how you live it can be deciding factor in not just your life but others too. You’re thoughts are a universal seed and where and how you plant them will determine how they grow, so be positive, be a creator and not a destroyer, only plant positive thoughts and release the negative ones, you are the master and also the student, master of your destiny but study and learn from others

We are offering an exclusive opportunity to host one of our Universal Consciousness  live faq interactive demonstrations.
Whereby Alan Drew will sit on the stage/rostrum and ease into a trance like state as he offers himself up to the universe providing an opportunity for the Guardians of Light, Universal Entities and Light Beings to use him as a channel of communication so to answer the audience/congregation and guests questions about life, death, re-birth, the soul incarnate and what it means to be a Universal Light Being.


The Etheric, The Astral, The Mental, and The Spirit Planes.

The Different Planes of Existence in the Universe
universalcommunity01Various configurations of energy are where we need to be to explain the difference between a physical and a nonphysical universe. The energy in the nonphysical universe is much less dense than in a physical universe. So, on a nonphysical plane, you have much more freedom in manipulating energy. This increased freedom may mean that a nonphysical person can have seemingly superhuman powers and abilities; but, in actuality, that nonphysical person is just using modes of operation that are native to that environment. For example, disappearing from one place and reappearing in another is a normal occurrence on the nonphysical; however it would turn quite a few heads in the physical. Put simply, your physical body and the physical matter in the physical universe is just too compact for such a maneuver.
Below are the various levels or planes contained in and around the Earth. These planes are arranged from most dense (physical) to the least dense (spiritual).
In reality each of these planes exist one on top of the other. It is merely the focus of your consciousness that determines what plane you are aware of at any given time. It’s like a radio. Coming into the radio are all the channels at once. The tuning knob determines which one of the many stations you are going to listen to. With these planes of existence your consciousness is that tuning knob and right now it is tuned into the physical station. Let’s continue with the basic understanding of the nonphysical universe and examine each of these planes individually.

The Physical Plane
– Energy is limited to the speed of light.
– Objects and things are solid.
– Events are ordered by tine.
– Space Maintains constant structure.
– A physical type universe.
The densest plane is the physical plane. Here matter is as solid as it can get. The energetic structure of this plane only allows particles to travel up to the speed of light, but not passed it. This environment is the one you are presently in. You are most familiar with the physical plane on a conscious level.

The Etheric Plane
– Energy is limited to the speed of light.
– Objects and things are solid.
– Time is not entirely consistent here.
– Space is not entirely consistent here.
– A nonphysical type universe.
Going from bottom up, in decreasing density, brings us to the etheric plane. This plane just qualifies as a nonphysical universe because time and space begin to be inconsistent here. If you were standing in the etheric plane and looking at the room, you may notice that the chair you threw out yesterday is still here, and the chair you will buy tomorrow is here as well. The room may also be larger, smaller, or even reversed. You see! The room alters its properties and both chairs exist simultaneously because time and space are beginning to show their true fluid-like natures. However despite its apparent freedom from the constraints of time and space, the etheric plane remains governed by many of the rules of a physical universe. Due to its close proximity to the physical plane, objects are still solid in nature, and energy is still limited to the speed of light. The true freedom of a nonphysical environment can only be seen above the etheric level.

The Astral Plane
– Energy travels beyond the speed of light but is still limited.
– Objects and things are NOT solid.
– Non-time ordering of events. Events ordered by emotions.
– Space constantly changes. no consistency.
– A nonphysical type universe.
The next less dense plane is known as the astral plane. The astral plane is the first true nonphysical dimension. Objects and walls are no longer solid, and you can pass through them very easily. Energy travels many times faster than the speed of light – though it still has a maximum speed threshold. Time is often very chaotic. For example, if you were standing in the astral plane and looking at the room, you may see a chair that your great-grandfather used to sit in. Then, for no apparent reason the chair may change into a television set. Then the room itself may dissolve and you may be standing on a grassy field. This fluid-like nature of the astral plane is quite common and a normal part of its operation. Here, time merges. The moment-to-moment reality that you are so familiar with does not exist. People and things are connected, not by the sequence of time, but by the intensity of the emotions connecting them. For example, your great- grandfather may have felt the same way about his favorite chair as you do about your television, and both of those items spark similar feelings within each of you: the feeling of standing in a grassy field. Do you see why the scene changed as it did? No matter, if you did not.

The Mental (Buddhic) Plane
– Energy has no speed limit. It can jump from one place to another.
– Objects and things do not stay in any one shape or appearance.
– Non-time ordering of events. Events ordered by concepts.
– Space is defined by the distance between concepts.
– A nonphysical type universe.
Another notch up on the decreasing density scale brings us to the mental plane. This plane too is of a nonphysical type. Energy here moves in a way that is beyond the concept of speed. Energy (or objects) can instantaneously jump from one place to another and appear in two or more places at once. Objects in the mental plane begin to lose their cohesiveness. Also, objects appearing here no longer represent objects. They instead represent ideas. If you were standing in the mental plane and looking at the room a chair may look quite normal one moment, and in the next, may grow to three times its size. Next you may find yourself sitting inside that huge chair and looking down at your room at the same time that you look down at the earth. The mental plane is the dimension of ideas. Here the idea is more important then any physical type of stability. In this example, these series of events may seem chaotic from in physical standpoint; however from an idea standpoint, they make perfect sense. The idea being conveyed could imply that as you grow you will become the master of your world. Here in the mental plane space, size, and distance are only important in how they shed perspectives on things.

The Spirit (Atmic) Plane
– Energy has no pattern at all. It can do anything.
– Objects, people, and things do not exist in form.
– No time or space ordering.
– A dimension of the soul, of connections to one another.
– A nonphysical type universe.
The last plane we will examine is known as the plane of spirit. This plane is completely nonphysical in nature. Energy follows no recognizable pattern and its movement is in the form of a constantly changing state of being. Objects do not exist as objects. Form as you know it is gone. Time and space are irrelevant. This plane is a dimension of consciousness. If you stood in the room while being focused on the spirit plane, there would be no room. There would only be your consciousness. You would have no physical like body, nor would you be able to create any such physically related item or thing. What you could create and experience here is relationships. You can meet with others and intermingle with their pure thoughts, emotions, and energy. There is no need for words or language here. In this place, everyone knows everyone else. In this dimension, your thoughts, emotions, and energy would possess a consciousness of their own, independent of you, yet part of you. The spiritual plane is the most alien to regular physical existence because existence here does not depend on shape or form. You are who you are because of who you are, not because of the constructions that surround you.&

Below are two videos about the Universal Consciousness, (if you have any spare time please give them a watch there very eye opening)

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