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I currently work on Psychic Today/TV and have been since 2012, its like being part of a big psychic family. Its available to watch on SKY Channel 680 and available online or on various social media sites including Facebook and YouTube you can watch Psychic Today to the left or above this paragraph depending on whether your viewing via PC or Mobile.
Psychic Today is the UK’s longest running psychic TV show. We’ve stood the test of time, through our commitment to providing genuine, tried & tested psychics. Watch this renowned psychic TV show online for your daily dose of all things psychic! Get your voicemails & texts answered on screen!


Join me Live on Pulse Talk Radio for The Romatica  every Sunday and for my Late Shows Monday & Tuesday between the hours of 10pm & 12 Midnight UK Time

Join me every Sun, Mon, & Tues, for my live shows between the hours o 10pm-12 Midnight UK Time Sunday is the Pulse Talk Radio Romantica where I play the greatest love songs & rock ballads, take your requests and dedications by phone or text and provide live love and compatibility readings on the phone in. Monday is Rock Night and Tuesday is 80,s & Alternative Night. The show isn’t just about the music although its a massive part of it, you can also join in on the nightly phone in with your requests & dedications to discuss any issues or problems you maybe experiencing, talk about current affairs, prophecies, psychic development, universal channeling, interstellar jumping, portals, earth energies, ley lines, ET’s Spirit Attachments, the paranormal, house clearances & blessings, you can also get your very own mini readings for free live on air, so if you can’t sleep and there’s something on your mind why not call in for that insight, guidance and direction.

I am here to assist you in all things esoteric, psychic, spiritual and paranormal so what you waiting for get involved with Alan Drew on the late show.

Below you can catch up and tune into my Pulse Talk Radio shows on Mixcloud if you missed my live one’s


Alan Watts The Spiritual Philosopher: You’re Amazing, You’re It, Everything in Existence, We are All One!

Below you can watch four videos, an Introduction into how I work, recorded footage of some recent readings, (Permission was given by for them to be public)

Below you can watch recorded footage of my mediumship walk around on some paranormal investigations that I was involved with including the Ancient Rams Inn

Below you can watch some of my latest videos from my YouTube Channel

Below you can watch some of my classic Guided Meditation & Spiritual Guidance videos of which some have had 6000+ views

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