Universal Channeling


What is Channeling
Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and angelic beings, nature spirits, non-physical entities, or even animals and pets. A channeler is very similar to a language translator or interpreter. They allow themselves to sense the non-verbal communication from another being, and then translate it into human words, but I don’t just channel communication, I channel the energy directly and attune to the vibration on a universal scale, which can be part of the seen and unseen universes, dimensions and all that is in existence and can come from the many constellations, messier’s, galaxies, black holes, dark matter, dark energy etc; as everything has trace energy and a universal fingerprint as I describe it, this leaves a trail of information which I am able to tap into and use for the greater good of those who choose to have a reading with me and can be extremely beneficial in ways that can’t even be comprehended, which also makes the demonstrations I do of channeling very interesting, enlightening, intriguing and leaving people with much food for thought and a yearning to learn more.
Because I channel the energy and not just the communication it gives me much more scope and versatility to delve and connect into areas that are not normally within a channelers grasp like direct channeled healing from the universe it’s guides, guardians, ascended masters, angels and all sorts of different entities from all different parts of the universe and beyond, please visit my healing page for more information.
I connect to Akasha the universal hall of records where all information is stored about everyone and everything that has been in existence not just of this world but of the countless others, life forms, and all that has ever been, is now, and is yet to come.

Universal Channeling.

58420234_10210849223187104_4510504796616130560_nWell it’s the same as channeling ie; acting as a medium to bridge the gap between the physical world (our current manifestation as mankind living in the physical/material world) and the spirit world (Where we return back to where we all came from and become reunited in kinship as energy with all who we have been connected with not just in this life, but in the countless others we’ve had) As a channeler I have the ability to channel guides, angels, ascended masters, elemental’s, and all that is energy and vibrates a frequency. A channeler can choose who or what they want to channel. As long as the other party has an interest in communicating, the link is made and the channeling can begin. For instance, many people channel Archangel Michael. If he agrees to communicate with the channeler, the flow of non-verbal information begins. The channeler receives the raw information at a high sensory level and then converts it into human language.
So universal channeling is the same as channeling except I connect with the universe/multiverse planets, guardians, entities, otherworldly beings, guardians and more they universalcommunity01vibrate on a very high frequency and communicate messages regarding global events, natural disasters, the evolutionary process of mankind the earth mother and all that may have an impact on her in time to come. I do this in a trance like state although I am still aware of my surroundings it just makes it much easier to be open to communication, I also become very expressive with my movements as they impress on me there own characteristics also if I am teamed with a psychic artist at the time of channeling they will be given or impressed upon them how they come forward or choose to express themselves which can be very interesting indeed as they caan come in all shapes and sizes and all colours of the light spectrum

Misconceptions about Channeling

universalspirit02Contrary to popular belief, entities do not generally use human language, because it is considered awkward and clumsy. The richer essence of their message is conveyed through an elegant series of sensory feelings. Another popular misconception is that a channeler must go into a deep trance state, or surrender their body and/or mind to the entity. In reality, the entity does not have to enter the body or mind of the channeler and, in fact, can actually be millions of light years away or even in another dimension. However, channeling is similar to any other form of communication – verbal communication, body language, physical senses, art, and so on – that expresses a message which is then subject to the receiver’s understanding. Most well-known channelers today remain aware of themselves and the activities going on in the room, while at the same time focusing their senses and attention on the entity they are channeling. Contemporary channelers do not generally leave their bodies or surrender their minds during the communication process.

Some people fear channeling because they don’t understand the process. They think that a negative or dark entity can come in without permission. This is not the case. The channeler always retains the universalspirit03choice of who or what they want to channel, just like they have the choice of who they want as friends or business associates. The channeler can insist on knowing the name and origins of any entity or angelic being who wants to communicate with them. Experienced channelers understand that just because an entity wants to communicate doesn’t mean that the entity is necessarily enlightened. The channeler should discern for themselves the level of enlightenment of the entity and the value of their information. Some entities just like to chat; others can have an agenda; and there are also many entities who have a desire to provide enlightened guidance and counsel.