My UFO encounter as a child in 1983

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The Close Encounter of the UFO Kind I had as a child back in 1983

This is the first time I have ever spoken openly about my UFO experience that I had one night in 1983. I was only 9 years old and it was about 2 – 3am in the morning and I was fast asleep when I thought I heard tapping on the window which was very strange and odd considering I was living in a multi-storey apartment block on the fourth floor, to say I was scared was an understatement, especially as for the past few years I had been waking up around the same time on and off seeing spirits/ghosts at the bottom of my bed who had been involved in murders/accidents so they was either disfigured or bleeding, but every time that happened my imaginary friend would appear who was a girl of the same age and would tell me to hide under the covers then she would make them go away, then by the time I came from under covers she had, this imaginary girlfriend I now know is my spirit guide Cammille and she has been part of my past lives history through most of my incarnations, but in this situation she was nowhere to be seen.
So as I lay there I kept hearing this knocking on my window and it wouldn’t stop so I hid under my bed covers hoping it would stop or go away like the spirits but it never! So I eventually got out of bed and went to the window and very nervously and slowly moved the curtain so I could sneak a little peek out the window, and I couldn’t believe what I saw, there was a big disk shaped object hovering outside my window and it was completely silent, there was lots of lights in the bottom half of the ship but weirdly enough the top and bottom halves of the ship was spinning in opposite directions. I thought I was dreaming because I just couldn’t believe what I was experiencing but then it all gets a little hazy as it was like I was having little flashes of awake and asleep I saw a grey figure with big black eyes for a few seconds then I saw a transparent like oxygen mask being put over my mouth then the next time I opened my eyes I saw the same grey being over me and I looked over to the left from this white hard plastic like bed which I was lying on with lots of little lights all around it that changed colour and saw a big transparent tube with what looked like a man in it asleep, and the last time I opened my eyes was because I felt something sharp going into my left wrist so I opened my eyes and it was a needle but the strangest thing about it was that I saw my arm as transparent and a very tiny black square go in and float up my arm before disappearing Then I woke up to my mom shouting come on get up it’s time for school and I forgot all about it until the following night where I kept having what I thought to be weird dreams and similar things happening so I just put it all down to dreams and never questioned it again until I was about 15 years of age where I was having weird flashbacks about them times.
Well I hope you enjoyed that little look into my past and one of the many weird experiences which I have come to accept as my life.
In much love, universal light and star blessings
Alan Drew x